The Primary School Council

The primary school council draws up the draft proposal of the school-week structure, votes on the primary school’s rules and regulations, expresses an opinion on the school project and all the issues regarding the functioning of the primary school, including extra-curricular activities, educational matters and the use of resources.

In a school with only primary and pre-primary classes, the primary school council takes on the role of the School Council and adopts its legal framework.

The Head Teacher is the chairman of this council.
The meeting chairperson may invite any person to the meeting whose contribution is deemed valuable in terms of the agenda (a representative of the Management Committee, for example).

Members with voting rights

  • The Head Teacher or Chairperson
  • The primary school teachers (all or one representative per level) and if necessary, the AIS head (School Adaptation and Integration) involved in the school
  • Parent representatives (elected) – See the 2019-2020 Johannesburg parents list

Members with advisory roles

  • The Principal
  • The Bursar

In view of the elections to be held from Tuesday 1st October until Friday 11th October 2019: Note (in French and in English) for the Primary School Council elections