School Board

The Board of Directors is the managing body of the Lycée Jules Verne (Non Profit Company). Its function is to provide human, material and financial resources to the establishment in order to enable its proper functioning. He participates in its organization in close collaboration with the head of the establishment and the establishment board, while respecting their respective responsibilities.

The Board of Directors is made up of 12 parent volunteers (Johannesburg and Pretoria) elected during the parents’ information meeting at the end of the school year (May-June). An administrator is elected for a two-year term, renewable twice consecutively. Constitution of the CA 2023-24


The Board of Directors is organized with an office which includes a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, elected from among the directors at the taking office meeting. Administrators work within committees to provide opinions or suggestions on technical issues.

The entire Board of Directors meets once a month with representatives of the administration (Principal, Primary School Directors, DAF/Manager) and three elected staff representatives (Administration, Primary, Secondary) in order to review investment projects, work in progress and control the school’s cash flow.

The Board of Directors is responsible to the parents of students, whom it informs at least twice a year of the decisions taken.

Like the representatives of the administration and staff, the Cultural Advisor at the French Embassy is an ex officio member of the Board of Directors; they all have a consultative voice.

General organization plan of the establishment

Main missions The Board of Directors being responsible for all acts likely to ensure the existence, security and continuity of the proper functioning of the establishment, its main missions consist of:

  • Hire and manage locally recruited teachers and staff
  • Establish the financial budget for the calendar year
  • Supervise investment projects
  • Control expenses

Contact for matters relating to the Board of Directors, you can write to