Supervised studies

Supervised studies

Primary school supervised homework preparation

The school’s teachers offer supervised homework after-care for primary school students from Monday to Thursday, 2.45 to 3.45pm. More than sixty students make use of this facility. The supervised homework study hour is part of the school’s after-care program that starts at 2.25pm and ends at 5pm.

Students have the opportunity to do their homework, revise their lessons with the help of their teachers in a comfortable environment where they also benefit from individual assistance if required.

For the past two years, assistance has also been provided in English, thus meeting the needs of our new bilingual classes. Homework may be supervised in English or in French, depending on the teacher on duty.

Middle and high school supervised study

In smaller groups, students receive mainly methodological assistance, adapted according to the student’s grade.

In 6ème (grade 6) the first few hours are spent on schedule and time organization and management, effective use of homework books and files. The next few hours are dedicated to learning-related matters.