Cycle 3

Cycle of consolidation (CM1,CM2, and 6ème – grade 3, 4 and 5)

Cycle 3 is an extension of the first years of primary school with the same priority objectives of proficiency in French and the main mathematical principles. The school currently has nine Cycle 3 classes at the school.

As in Cycle 2, all the teachers work together to dispense and complete the common base of knowledge and skills.

Further to general teaching, the school has an IT room with 25 computers linked to a network and an interactive white board which enabled us to initiate Grade 4 and 5 students to programming, robotics and application builds. Information and Communication Technologies are regularly used in the framework of the B2I certification (Information and Internet Certification) and this gives our students that entry into experiencing and being prepared for the real world.

 The school takes into account the diversity of each student’s aptitudes. Alongside intellectual reasoning and thought, observation skills, experimenting, likes and dislikes, motor skills and creativity are encouraged to develop.The bilingual teaching is adapted to language learners’ needs (see Bilingualism page).

The comprehensive curriculum for the cycle of in-depth learning can be viewed at:

The common base of knowledge, skills and education can be viewed at: