Language certifications

In line with the school project focus area “language proficiency” the French school introduced language certifications for students and teachers:
– in French with the DELF,
– in German with the Goethe Institute,
– and in English with the University of Cambridge.

For English, in partnership with International House, local center for the University of Cambridge, Cambridge certifications apply to pupils enrolled from CE1 (2nd grade), 3eme (9th grade) and Terminale (12th grade).

These internationally recognized certifications facilitate further study in the Anglo-Saxon system.

The various certifications offered are in line with the European Common Base of Knowledge according to the following:

  • YLE Starters = A1
  • YLE Movers = A1
  • YLE Flyers = A2
  • Key (Key English Test) = A2+
  • Preliminary (Preliminary English Test) = B1
  • First (First Certificate of English) = B2
  • Advanced (Certificate of Advanced English) = C1
  • Proficiency (Certificate of Proficiency in English) = C2

The Common Base on Knowledge is also a reference system for the French curricula in the field of teaching modern languages.

Presentation of the information meeting Cambridge 2020