Sixième (grade 6) at the Lycée Jules Verne

 6ème is the first year of Middle School (collège) referred to as the “Adaptation Cycle”. 

The purpose of this cycle is to consolidate the fundamental knowledge gained at elementary school and to initiate students to the disciplines and methods of secondary school education.

Each student receives personal attention and is monitored and supported in their individual work. Special attention is paid to students’ proficiency in new study methods and the 2nd level of the common base of knowledge, essential to the continuation of a student’s curriculum.

For this the results of the CM2 assessments are taken into account by the teachers to quickly adapt the learning and educational situations and contents to each student’s needs.

Teaching disciplines and time allocations are set by the official guidelines that you can view on the Eduscol website:

A significant assistance structure:

  • Individual assistance in French and Mathematics to consolidate basic knowledge.
  • Individual assistance in French and Mathematics to facilitate the learning of new concepts.
  • Supervised study or assistance with study methods to facilitate learning.

Intensive English-medium teaching similar to an international option.  This section  increases English teaching hours from four hours to six hours per week,  during which English literature, history and social studies are taught, as well as some subjects wholly or partly taught in English, for example History & Geography.

A Rugby section: Increased time for the practice of rugby and matches against South African schools.

Initiation to the issue of sustainable development.

Additional time allocated to fun mathematics including mathematical games for increased understanding and logic.