Terminale (Grade 12)

Terminale is the last year of the second cycle or “End cycle” of Lycée.
This End cycle of general schooling aims at helping students gradually build up an academic and career orientation path.

In 12th grade, specialization is intensified with a view of further higher education.

The Baccalaureate is the school leaving certificate providing access to higher education. It is the first “university level”.

Students prepare to sit the BACCALAUREAT

Teaching disciplines and time allocations are set by the official guidelines that you can view on the Eduscol website:

  1. Optional subjects include a modern language (German or Spanish), Physical Education and Latin.
  2. One “audiovisual cinema” subject option. The purpose of this option is learning cinematographic and audiovisual culture about historic, aesthetic and economic aspects. Students’ abilities to analyze and reflect on all forms of cinematographic and audiovisual production are developed as well as proficiency in the language of images and sound.
  3. Specialization subjects: Mathematics, Life and Earth Science, Physics, English, Political Sciences, Latin.

For a short presentation of each subject and an overview of the curriculum, see the additional subject articles below: