Seconde (Grade 10)

Seconde is the first level of the second cycle. It is referred to as a “Determination class”.

The purpose of Seconde, 10th grade, is to give students as wide a choice as possible in terms of career orientation. The curriculum is oriented so as to impart general knowledge whilst offering students the opportunity to discover new literary, economical, scientific and technological fields.

Teaching disciplines and time allocations are set by the official guidelines that you can view on the Eduscol website:

  1. Guidance, improvement and mastery of efficient study methods:
    Support in Mathematics and French and extended teaching in economics and English are provided, as well as subject-specific learning methodology.
  2. Intensive English-medium teaching similar to an international section. Intensive English teaching with increased hours during which students learn English literature, history and social studies.
  3. Four exploratory courses: Economics, Practical Science subjects, Visual Arts and Literature and Society.
  4. Optional subjects include a modern language (German or Spanish), Physical Education, Latin and Audiovisual Cinema.
  5.  The “audiovisual cinema” subject. The purpose of this subject is learning cinematographic and audiovisual culture about historic, aesthetic and economic aspects. Students’ abilities to analyze and reflect on all forms of cinematographic and audiovisual production are developed as well as proficiency in the language of images and sound.

For a short presentation of each subject and an overview of the curriculum, see the additional subject articles below: