High School

At lycée, three grades punctuate a student’s education:

  • Seconde (grade 10) is the determination year during which students gain much general knowledge through common subjects, while discovering new subjects in the literary, economics, scientific or technological fields.
  • The End cycle consists of 1ère (grade 11) and Terminale (grade 12) and is the cycle of specialization in one field (Literature, Economics, or Science) and is sanctioned by the baccalaureate examination.

Just as in middle school, moving up from seconde to 1ère occurs after an orientation procedure has been set up, whether that be a family wish, class meeting advice, principal’s decision.

Lycée reorganization: Better guiding each high school student and supporting him/her in his/her educational career.

This reform has been in force since the start of the 2010 school year and offers a more progressive and personalized school career.

It rebalances the general and technological subject options and the subject series offered within each option and enables students to more progressively specialize so as to prepare their career orientation project in a more thought-through manner.

Beyond the curricula, it entails personalized guidance which will be dispensed to all high school students having chosen the general or technological subject options. This measure that includes methodological assistance, educational support and further improvement of some subjects, helps students to adapt to high school and to prepare themselves for higher education after school.

Students with serious difficulties may be tutored to help them understand the expectations of the system and also to create a new orientation project.

The reorganized curriculum:

A Seconde grade (grade 10) with more subjects of the common base enabling all students to gain a lot of general knowledge and useful exploration subjects according to the student’s choice.

A Terminale (grade 12) grade offering increased specialization.

A school that is more adapted to its era by favouring modern languages, culture and general knowledge and endeavouring to render students accountable and responsible.

Common subjects base exploration

Speciality Option

Seconde (grade 10) 80%

1ère (grade 11) 58%

Terminale (grade 12) 27%

From 9.5% to 13%