Tale SI Periodical – Second Edition

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Mar 15, 2021
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Oct 8, 2021
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Tale SI Periodical – Second Edition

In this exciting edition, you will find an array of genres used by the students, all of which are based on the theme of fantasy. The students were quite innovative and their productions consist of a wide range of topics and original ideas. Their spontaneous response was inspired by the carnival. Using this trigger, each student mulled it over, until an angle with which they were comfortable became evident.

Two of the contributions will have sequels to be published in the following edition(s), one of which is a novel in-the-making!

I am delighted that a greater number of Terminale students have had the courage to submit their productions for publication in our Periodical this time round, and I am hopeful that the whole class will soon feel confident enough to participate.

I trust that you will enjoy the read.

Marel Grobler-Wentworth – English teacher

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