Lycée Jules Verne Sick Room

Johannesburg Campus

A registered nurse is on the school campus every day to attend to students’ ailments. This nurse administers first aid and contacts the parents only in the worst cases.

In an emergency, she calls an ambulance that will take the student to the nearest hospital.

The nurse may not, under any circumstances, administer medicine without the prior authorization of the parents. If a student is taking specific medication, this medication must be given to the nurse along with the doctor’s prescription.

If a student pays a visit to the sick room during the day, a sticker is placed on his/her clothes to inform parents of his/her visit.

Pretoria Campus

The teachers at the Pretoria campus are trained to perform first aid on the students.
If a student is taking specific medication for an illness, the medication, together with the prescription must be given to the teacher in charge.