Security at the Lycée Jules Verne

The safety of students is of paramount importance to Lycee Jules Verne and many safety measures have been set up to guarantee their safety at all times.


A sticker is given to parents at the beginning of the school year to stick on the left side of the windscreen, providing access to the school car park.
Without this sticker a vehicle will not be given access to the school car park and the driver will be required to sign in at the gate to gain entrance.


To enter the school grounds on foot, parents or caregivers must show their photo-ID badges. These individual badges are handed out at the beginning of the school year and renewed annually.
Any person without a badge has to sign in with the guard before gaining access to the school grounds.


A personal password is given to parents of pre-and primary school children at the beginning of each quarter. If a person other than the legal guardian fetches the child and cannot produce the password, the child will not be allowed to leave with them.

All these school safety measures aim at ensuring optimum safety for the children at school.