School Board

The School Board

The purpose of the School Board is to provide Lycee Jules Verne with the financial resources it needs to operate optimally. The board comprises of 12 parents who take part in the organization of the school and work closely with the Principal and the School Council within the limits of their respective responsibilities.

The parents are elected at the last parent’s meeting of the school year (may-june) to assist for a period of two years and come from both Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Mode of Operation

Within the School Board certain parents are assigned roles as chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
The entire Board meets monthly along with the administrative representatives (Principal, Primary School Head Teachers, and Bursar) and 3 staff representatives (administration, primary and secondary school) to review investment projects or maintenance work being done as well as to monitor the school’s cash flow.

The School Board informs all the school parents at least twice a year of decisions that were taken.

Just like the administrative and staff representatives, the French Embassy’s cultural cooperation advisor is an ex-officio members with advisory roles.

General organization: mapping of the different bodies.

Main missions

The French Lycee Jules Verne School Board is accountable for all the deeds that ensure the continuation, safety and perpetuation of an optimally-run school.

  • Hire and manage teachers and locally-recruited staff
  • Establish the financial budget for the school year,
  • Supervise investment projects,
  • Monitor expenses.

School memorandum of incorporation

School memorandum of incorporation as of May 2015