School Business Club

School Business Club

The main partners:


The purpose of the Business Club is to offer students at Lycée Jules Verne a better knowledge of the world of business and to make them benefit from the experience of professionals, and to sustain and professionalise the relationship between the school and a core group of companies showing a strong interest in our establishment.


For Lycée Jules Verne the goal of the Business Club  is to be able to request from this network of French, South African and/or international businesses, material, financial, human or expert support, on projects that can be  integrated into or go beyond education, especially in the fields of sport, ecology (Eco-school), educational cooperation, exposing students to the world of business or even communication

Coordination within this Club allows companies to:

  • Have a better visibility of the school’s projects, with an annual calendar, and thus to better anticipate their participation
  • Choose the areas in which they wish to invest
  • Be better represented at events or projects
  • Consolidate the link with the Lycée especially during quarterly meetings or during the Business Forum

The businesses offer clear and established support for the school, which often educates the children of their employees, and thus communicate by participating in events in line with their own communications policy (whether it be sustainable development, rugby or football, festive events or others).

Possible types of support

Material support

  • School development and renovation projects
  • Supplies of materials: educational, sports
  • Educational events of the oral hygiene type
  • Sports and/or educational class trips
  • Supplies of awards and prizes for events, competitions or projects

Financial support

  • Sports and/or educational class trips
  • Sports competitions
  • Sports or educational events
  • Student support grant for participation in projects or trips
  • School development and renovation projects
  • Increase the Lycée’s computer software and hardware

Support for orientation and educational activities

  • Participation in our trade forum of February 2019
  • Taking in of students for work placement (job shadowing) in companies (Grade 8 “4ème” and Grade 10 “seconde” students for 1 or 2 weeks (early June).
  • Participation in lunch talks on areas of activity, professions
  • Company visit
  • Coaching: advice on how to conduct interviews and mock oral examinations (Sciences Po)
  • Talks on current topics

What Lycée Jules Verne can offer you:

  • The opportunity to exchange information, advice and projects with company managers around Business Club lunches (3x per year)
  • Increased visibility during events, outings or projects thanks to the possibility of:
    • Setting up of communication tools (kakemonos, gazebos, etc.) by the company
    • Business/product presentation, promotion or sales stand
    • Organisation of events if they fall within the framework of the event or project
    • Organisation of talks for students or those in charge of students
  • The presence of the company logo on:
    • The company sign displayed in the establishment
    • The Lycée Jules Verne website, Business Club section
    • Social networks if confirmed
    • in the newsletter
  • Invitation to school events (Cheese & Wine, school party, etc.)
  • Free access to the school’s equipment and facilities (sports field, school hall, etc.) for a corporate event for example

By joining the Lycée Jules Verne Business Club, the company signs a partnership agreement with Lycée Jules Verne to confirm its commitment and active participation.

Your contacts:

Your LJV Business Club 2018-2019 files:

  • Financing of a solar water heater and water recovery container and organizing an energy savings competition by Accor
  • Financing of two water recovery containers (one for the Lycée and one for Inkanyesi in Orange Farm, supported by the school) by Bouygues
  • Financing of a landscape study of the school by Lafarge
  • Financing of the trip by an Eco-School’s coordinator from the Western Cape for discussions with students by Alstom.
  • Addresses by professionals during the high school careers fair held at the Lycée
  • Organization of site visits (Total Coal mine, Gautrain depot)
  • Professionals’ class visits (journalists during media week, engineers for a conference on petroleum)
  • Work placements in companies for students in 4ème (grade 8)

END OF YEAR SCHOOL PARTY: Raffle prizes provided  are donated by our partners