The School Council

The School Council represents the pre & primary, middle and high schools and deals with topics and issues presented during primary school meetings or high school pedagogical meetings.

Although the School Council can rule on any matter regarding the school’s educational matters, it cannot overrule the AEFE or the Management Committee in matters under their authority.

The School Council votes and adopts the following matters:

  • The school project (projet d’établissement), announcement of joint deliberation of the primary and high school councils as well as the teaching teams.
  • The school’s rules and regulations.
  • The calendar of the school year and school hours in line with current legislation.

The School Council also expresses opinions on:

  • Proposals for structural changes, class composition and educational innovations in line with the school project, examination of the school map and the employment chart
  • The activities of associations and clubs that operate in the school
  • The functioning and quality of school life, hygiene, health, safety and any improvement or maintenance to be done in these areas
  • The work of the training body that organizes in-service training opportunities for staff members
  • The canteen
  • School transportation
  • The use of resources allocated at the presentation of the school’s budget

Upon request of the principal or upon own initiative, the council can express its opinion on any issue regarding school life,

Composition of the School Council

The School Council is a tripartite body made up of equal numbers of ex-officio members representing the school management, school staff, parents and students.

  • Management
  • The School Principal
  • The Bursar
  • The Principal Education Advisor deputy to the principal
  • The Primary Head Teacher / Deputy Principal.
  • The French Embassy’s cultural cooperation advisor, ex-officio member
  • Users: student and parent representatives
  • 3 parents
  • 2 students (middle or high school)
  • Staff
  • 4 elected teachers (representing the primary and high schools)
  • 1 representative elected from non-teaching staff
  • The French Consul
  • Consular representatives for the geographical area
  • 2 representatives of the Management Committee

In view of the elections to be held from Tuesday 1st October until Friday 11th October 2019: Note (in French and in English) for the School Council elections..