LJV parent survey 2018 & 2018-2022 Strategic plan

LJV parent survey 2018

Dear parents,

You were recently asked by the Lycée Jules Verne to participate in the school’s first ever parent survey.

More than 70% of you responded. Our sincere gratitude for your participation!

The group of respondents largely reflects the school community of our two campuses and their respective instruction levels. Consequently, the results are pertinent.

The answers obtained via the questionnaire as well as the comment supplied in response to open-ended questions are valuable as these reflect your assessment of the education that your children are receiving as well as your opinion of the organisation of the establishment.

The strong points that were identified comfort us but also inspire us to uphold the attained level of parent satisfaction. The weak points highlighted serve as warning signs that we take note of and for which we will endeavour to find solutions within the budgetary limits imposed on the establishment.

Within the framework created by this approach aimed at continuous improvement you will regularly be solicited to respond to questionnaires to evaluate the progress achieved. The format of the survey will evolve to reflect your requirements.

Given the importance and associated costs, all actions envisaged cannot be implemented simultaneously but will rather be put into operation in an incremental manner.

During the parent information meeting that will take place during the month of June we will present to you a plan of action incorporating the measures that will be implemented as from the next return to school. Additional measures will be implemented at the subsequent return to school year on year. The designated Personnel Representatives as well as the elected Parent Representatives will be involved in these action plans.

Please find below the key results of the survey done between 7 and 14 December 2018 amongst the parent community of the Lycée Jules Verne. These results combine that obtained from the Johannesburg and Pretoria campuses at all class levels.

1 – A strong core of support for the establishment’s education offer and corresponding programmes

  • An excellent rate of recommendation: 91% favourable responses (“strongly in agreement” and “in agreement”) to the question “I will freely recommend our establishment to other parents”.
  • The excellence of the French education model is valued: 96% of families that responded feel that their “child receives a good education at the school”.
  • The language policies adopted are endorsed by 81% of families but the importance attributed to the English language and the subject of bilingualism are subjects that elicited suggestions for modification during the free-text comments.
  • 70% of families with a child/children in the Primary School intend to continue schooling their children at secondary level at the Lycée Jules Verne (the distinctive characteristics of the Pretoria campus should be noted).
  • The pleasure of being at school: 94% of responses were confirmatory in response to the statement “My child is happy at school”.

2 – Points on which to improve

  • The quality of the available sport equipment should be improved according to 30% of the families that responded to the questionnaire. Some improvements that were suggested include the construction of a gymnasium and/or swimming pool and opening the establishment over weekends to allow training or inter-school sport events/competitions.
  • The quality of the catering provided was not deemed entirely satisfactory according to 35% of the families that responded to the survey. In addition to the variety in menus and the quality of dishes served, criticism was expressed in respect of the organisation of the food service.
  • The ability of the establishment to manage social problems and discrimination elicited an approval rating of 72%.
  • 27% of respondents wish that the communication between the school and families be improved. The current invoicing system is the subject of numerous comments and suggestions of change.

The complete results of the survey are available upon request: schoolboard@lyceejulesverne-jhb.net

The school board and the school direction

The 2018-2022 School Strategic Plan

The 2018 / 2022 School Project was drawn up subsequent to shared reflection by the entire school community.

The school project is available for download in a PDF format.

4 focus areas have been defined

  • Focus area 1: Mastering mother tongues and foreign languages
  • Focus area 2: Learn differently: sports, sciences, arts and digital at the service of learning.
  • Focus area 3: Welcome, accompany and educate
  • Focus area 4: Opening up to the environment and the world, better communicating and valuing your school