Lunch talk – February 2023
Feb 24, 2023
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Mount Kenya

18 students from Lycée Jules Verne have completed the ascent of Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa. This is the third time that Lycée Jules Verne has made the climb. In previous years, students from the school have also climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco and the Amatola Trail in South Africa. This is a true tradition of mountain hiking that is part of the DNA of the school.

The climb began at the entrance to the national park at 2600 meters. Once the formalities were completed, the students easily covered the 10 km to reach Old Moses Camp at an altitude of 3200 meters.

After this first night, they reached Shipton Camp at 4300 m above sea level. In this camp at the foot of the summit, the first effects of the altitude were felt (headaches, nausea…). After a day of acclimatization (a short 10km walk and 400m ascent), the group of walkers set off to attack the summit. 4 hours later, despite the cold, the wind and the difference in altitude, the 18 students and the accompanying adults were able to witness a magnificent sunrise at the summit of Mount Kenya (Lenana point 4985m).

There was nothing left to do but to go back down and finish this day of more than 30 km, which started at 1h30 in the morning and finished 2000 m lower in the late afternoon at Banda Camp.

An incredible experience which will remain engraved in the minds and hearts of our adventurers for a long time.

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