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Lunch Talks

The Lycée Jules Verne organises Lunch Talks in order to assist students in their career choices. These sessions, which take place in person or on Zoom create safe spaces for former students, professionals or representatives of universities/institutes/schools to interact with high school students (from grade 10 to the final year). The purpose of these exchanges is to provide students with as much information as possible so that they are better prepared for their post-baccalaureate studies. Participation is subject to the student’s registration with the Vie Scolaire office. They are informed of the lunch talks by email, then by an announcement made in class.

If you would like to come and present your educational background and professional experience, please contact Mrs. Marie N’DONGO by email

We try to broaden the presentations to all fields of study and activities. Atypical backgrounds and experiences are also welcome.

Friday September 23, 2022

Within the framework of a mission to South Africa, Mrs. Alice JUDELL came to speak about Sciences Po Paris, its various courses and the opportunities it offers. The presentation was given to all grade 10 students, then, in a second phase, upon registration, the grade 11 and grade 12 students were able to receive this information and have discussions on the selection process, the content of the programs and the four years of study including internships outside of France.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The students of the Lycée Jules Verne had the opportunity to have a zoom chat with Jean-Victor TRAORE, general manager of the Lille basketball club, the LMBC. After speaking about his personal journey, he went into more detail on his sports career, starting in a training centre and going to the highest level of French basketball. He also touched on the importance of having obtained a university degree. He was able to convey to the students that it is important to seize the opportunity when it presents itself but also that it is essential to work hard to achieve one’s professional ambitions. Becoming a professional in the sports industry is not easy and requires a lot of dedication. The students were very attentive to the explanations and advice given.

Friday, October 14, 2022

François BLERIOT, CAV (Audiovisual Cinema) teacher, invited Joachim LANDAU, producer at Empreinte Digitale. The students were very receptive to the reality of the audiovisual world. They were able to discuss what being a producer entails, or more precisely what this generic term means in terms of the different approaches to this job. He also spoke about the importance of knowing oneself so that the chosen profession corresponds to who you are as a person.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Arnaud JONQUET, representing the Ecole Hotelière EHL in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Poppy MATSHAYA, representing IE University in Madrid, Spain, came to offer a workshop to our students. They gave advice to about 25 of our students in order to prepare them for the essays, and for admission interviews. They insisted on the importance of valuing all experiences and personal qualities. The students were able to understand how their posture, their body language and the vocabulary they use are essential to presenting themselves in an attractive way in front of examiners.

Mr. JONQUET and Ms. MATSHAYA then briefly presented the different training programs and opportunities offered by their school and university.

We will receive Mrs. BRILLAUD Inès, who has a multidisciplinary degree, the CPES with the Henri IV school and the ENS. She then entered Sciences Po Paris last year in a master’s degree in public affairs with a specialization in culture. In parallel to her study path, we will question her about her experience and the organization of her daily material life.

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