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Nov 4, 2022
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Lunch Talk

Monday 07 November

Our students had the opportunity to meet Jean-Jacques ANNAUD on Monday 7 November 2022.

This world-famous French director, producer and screenwriter told students about his career and made them understand the reality of his profession.

He explained his vision of the work, how by putting the actors in real situations he brought out their emotions, the various meetings he has had, how he goes about choosing actors … He also went into detail about working and filming animals: training, filming…

In addition to the wonderful stories he told, he shared a real message with our students about human nature: it is important to believe in yourself before listening to others.

Many thanks to Mrs DENAVIT-FELLER, regional audiovisual attaché at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs for making this meeting possible and to François BLERIOT for organising it.

Wednesday, November 9

Our students participated in a  zoom session with Arzhel BERRADA on Wednesday 9 November 2022. A former student of the LJV who is currently studying Natural Sciences at the Sorbonne University in Paris. These studies focus on biology, chemistry and math. It also takes a Teaching Unit on biodiversity and ecology.

Arzhel and the students had an in depth discussion about the functioning of his university, the courses, the amount of work he has, the various clubs and associations, etc.

He also explained the differences with a preparatory class for the grandes écoles (CPGE). Autonomy, organization and motivation versus more individual supervision and follow-up. He was very honest about adapting to Parisian life, his budget and housing conditions and his daily life.

A big thank you to him for sharing his experience on his new academic journey.

Coming up…

Monday 14 November 2022 at 12h :
Inès Brillaud is a student, currently taking a gap between her Master 1 and Master 2 in Public Affairs in Culture at Sciences Po Paris. She is doing a 5-month internship at the Alliance Française in Johannesburg.
Monday 21 November at 12h
 Mr. Cheikh Tidjane N’DONGO, Acting Head of Food Security Unit at the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD)

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