Lunch talk – February 2023

Lunch talk
Feb 10, 2023
Mount Kenya
Feb 24, 2023
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Lunch talk – February 2023

Friday, February 10th :

Mrs. Petra BEBER, a representative from the the Rubika school located in the North of France in Valenciennes, had a zoom session with our students.

This school offers training in the field of 2D and 3D animation, video games and design.

Her presentation was dynamic and captivated our students. There were many exchanges on the admission requirements and procedures and questions on the importance of having a portfolio.

Monday, February 13:

Matheo RUDMAN came to meet our studentson campus. He is a former student of the LJV who obtained his baccalaureate 2 years ago.He is currently in his 2nd year of BUT (Bachelor of Technology) in Mechanical and Production Engineering, at the IUT of Bordeaux.

He was able to explain how the curriculum works, the internships he has done and the difficulty he sometimes has in finding companies, as well as the possible openings, especially in engineering schools. He also talked about his student life in the city of Bordeaux.

He spoke about the preconceived ideas that people sometimes have about technological studies and what it brought him: more concrete courses, a more hands on approach to learning, but also an accumulation of professional experience that can be easily reinvested in a job, a reorientation, etc…

He is passionate about his studies and was able to pass this on to the students.

Wednesday, February 15th :

Noélie DUMAS came to present the CPGE / preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, and in particular her own school located at the Lycée du Parc in Lyon.

Noélie is currently in her 2nd year and chose the Math Physics track.  She is a former student of the LJV who obtained her baccalaureate 2 years ago.

She explained what a typical day is like when you are in CPGE, the fact that class work as well as personal work is essential to succeed, especially homework which they get very frequently. She was able to tell our students how the competitive exams in the engineering schools work after a preparatory school.

Noélie was also able to convey to the students that it is important to know oneself in order to be in CPGE, notably by learning how to manage one’s “ego” when one’s grades drop as soon as the first assignment is handed. She stressed that it is essential to know and respect one’s sleep patterns and that one must nevertheless allow oneself some free time.


Wednesday, February 22nd :

On Wednesday 22 February, we welcomed Eliot LEBLEU and Romaric DESMYTER. Eliot is currently enrolled in the 1st year of a Master’s degree at Iris Sup, a school specialized in international relations in Paris. He was previously at ESPOL, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in international relations. Eliot is doing his Master’s degree while working at the same time (2 days of classes and 3 days of internship) in a humanitarian association.

Romaric is at Sciences Politique de Lille where he is in the second year of a Master’s degree in Reasoned Management of Companies while also working with the company Décathlon.

Both of them detailed their curriculum but also the importance of university exchanges, of being involved in associations. They emphasised that it was necessary to project oneself into the future and that everything done during one’s studies could be valued when hiring or changing direction.

They reassured the students concerning admissions. Atypical profiles, especially because of the choice of speciality, can be an asset. You have to be positive even if you make a mistake in your course of study. Any mistake can be a source of growth.

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