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March 31, 2023
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March 31, 2023
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Lunch Talk – March 2023

On Thursday 23 March, our students had the opportunity to speak to Ms. Fabiola QUESADA, veterinarian, and founder of Wild Spirit Fund.

Wild Spirit Fund is a non-profit organisation created by our guest in Africa and run by an international network of wildlife professionals, scientists and veterinarians. Their mission is to ensure the health and protection of wildlife in its natural ecosystem.


Fabiola QUESADA had a though provoking one-hour chat with our eco-delegates as well as the alternate eco-delegates. She first explained her work and love for animals. She is a woman who travels a lot in order to contribute to the safeguarding of the fauna and flora. She is also in charge of the training of veterinarians who are learning how to treat animals of the savannah. She was able to convey to the students that by small actions, they can also contribute to the safeguarding of the planet.

She stayed a little longer and hosted a lunch talk with our high school students where she focused more on her training and academic career. If you wish to contribute to her foundation, here is her website:

Wild Spirit Fund – a non-profit Foundation


On Friday 24 March, we were joined by Mr. Philippe RAPOLD, Sub-Saharan Africa Research & Innovation Hub leader at L’Oréal. Mr. RAPOLD reached out to the school to speak to our students: For him, it is important to inspire the younger generation to shoot for the moon and to share his professional and life experience, in order to support them in their efforts.

He was able to explain to our students how the L’Oreal as a company works through a scientific perspective, and in particular, the construction of cosmetic products adapted to local populations.

He was able to enlighten the students on the career progression within a company and the determination it takes to climb the corporate ladder.

On Wednesday 29 March, our students had a Lunch Talk with Mr. Gilbert BALINDA, a local architect.

He first explained how the study of architecture works in Belgium, while making a parallel with France, then the importance of registering with the order of architects in the country where one works.

He transmitted the reality of the field: it is a passionate job that takes a lot of time and the creative side is very important.

He does not deal with residential houses, but rather with cultural projects such as museums, exhibitions, restaurants, the realization of works with artists, including the gigantic portrait of Nelson MANDELA outside in Kwazulu Natal ….

He explained the importance of teamwork, negotiation, and also the possible reconversions, the work in 2D animation: 3D for example…

For him, it is essential to do a job that you love.

Finally, on Friday, March 31, Ms. Claire DOYEN participated in a Lunch Talk with the high school and 3rd grade students on the study of journalism, the profession, and the risks that some journalists take every day. She shared with the students about the events she covered. She also explained to them the importance of having a general culture and doing internships, especially to get into political science schools and then into a journalism school. It is important to pay attention to the reputation of the journalism schools that you enter.

The journalism profession is one of her passions and Claire DOYEN knew how to transmit this passion to the students. Thank you to her.

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