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Feb 10, 2023
Lunch talk – February 2023
Feb 24, 2023
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Lunch talk

Wednesday February 01

During this lunch talk we welcomed Adrien BARON, legal counsel. He talked about his studies and the importance of being organised during this time. He touched on the ins and outs of the bar exam and explained the process of becoming a lawyer.

Adrien BARON then presented the various professions related to law. He detailed the differences and similarities of each one, in particular between being a lawyer and jurist. Finally, he explained the various statuses that a lawyer can have: associate or liberal profession. He peppered his account with numerous personal anecdotes that kept the students captivated.

Friday February 3rd

Our students had a lunch talk with Valentine GAUDIN-MUTEBA, managing director of Trace Southern Africa. She first talked about her studies and career path, finishing off with how she ended up where she is now. She explained that she signed up for an exchange program in her 2nd year of LCE (Foreign Languages and Civilizations) at the University of Rhodes in South Africa and had fallen in love with the country. Her goal was to finish her studies and come back to live in South Africa.

She started working for the French Chamber of Commerce in South Africa and then in an event management company. She has been working at Trace for 12 years and has climbed the corporate ladder within this company. Trace is an audio-visual company in the music field. It has various television and radio channels and has created an application called Trace Academia.

Valentine was able to explain the internal functioning of this company and the importance of being able to multi-task. Valentine is also a self-entrepreneur and has created her own brand of jewelry called Wal.


Monday February 6th

On Monday 06 February, we were joined by Julie PINON who came to present EDHEC, one of the biggest French business schools. Julie is in charge of international relations at this school.

She went through the various programs in detail and explained the admission criteria, the profiles of students that they look for as well as the international exchanges carried out within their various courses.

Wednesday February 08

Alexandre Atinkpahoun is the director and founder of One Sports Management, an agency for professional basketball players. Our students were delighted to meet him because this is an activity that a lot of them are interested in.

Alexandre talked about his studies, his career as a professional basketball player and how he came to be an agent. He spoke about his vision of the ideal basketball player, the importance of the personality and interpersonal skills and his positioning relative to the notion of team.

He was able to explain how he became a sports agent, how he recruits new players or how they come to him, as well as the importance of doing his job correctly because word of mouth is important in the basketball world. Alexandre also detailed his work rhythm and the constraints of this job, especially the work/family life balance, even if he does his job with passion.

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