Le P’tit Jules, the Lycée Jules Verne’s newspaper

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Oct 6, 2020
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Dec 1, 2020
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Le P’tit Jules, the Lycée Jules Verne’s newspaper

Le P’tit Jules, the Lycée Jules Verne’s newspaper, talks about the school’s news seen by students. This newspaper, a team of young journalists from Grade 8 to Grade 12, is also a way for all students of secondary school and high school to talk about themes that matter to them and to share their curiosity without necessarily being part of the team.

Addressed mainly to the students, Le P’tit Jules gives the biggest freedom to its young journalists as for the choice of their articles’ or videos’ topics.

Participating in the school’s newspaper is interesting for all students. It enables secondary school students to improve their written expression and represents an enriching experience that high school students can highlight for further studies. Students can join the team or to participate occasionally at any moment during the school year.

You can find all our articles and our videos on our website: leptitjules.com

 P’tit Jules editorial team. 1st row: Anaïs Mesbah, Maeva Ryan. 2nd row : Jeanne Neybecker, Allegra Phanzu, Julien Trévian.

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