Oct 20, 2022
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Earlier this month, from October 6th to October 8th, the Premières BFI (Bac Français Internationale) students along with the LJV Model UN group were given the opportunity to participate in the American International School of Johannesburg’s (AISJ) 20th JOMUN debate with 16 other international schools. MUN is a formal event which simulates the real UN. Each student is assigned a country and a committee, each committee is meant to cover specific issues relating to a certain “theme” for example the Security Council discusses topics pertaining to the protection of countries against the threat of war. The Premieres BFI students had their first experience in JOMUN over a month ago where they had to do research on topics allocated to them from the chairs (debate moderators) in their specific committees. The delegates were all split up into 4 committees; Human Rights, Special Committee, Security Council and ECOSOC. All four of these councils aim to resolve issues pertaining to our world through diplomacy, investment and occasional anarchy induced by unexpected individuals. Each delegate took pride in the formation of solid resolutions meant to solve current issues relating to the regulation of AI, tensions between countries, human rights and socio-economic affairs like the global food crisis and poverty.

The preparation for JOMUN and the actual debating itself helped its participants to build up numerous skills such as public speaking, thinking on your feet, reasoning and argumentation, research, communicating and collaborating with others, etc. Most importantly, it brought awareness to current global issues, resulting in the acquisition of new knowledge on the world around us.

Saturday MUN debate sessions recommence on 5 November 2022.

Tawana Zakeyo

1er BFI

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