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Sep 27, 2019
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Heritage Day 2019

Heritage Day was celebrated at the Pretoria school by dressing up in our traditional outfits and participating in song and dance. First, we sang “Bare Necessities” from Jungle Book and asked our students and parents to write what is the bare necessity to be happy. These answers were hung from a tree. We then drummed with the help of Klitsgras Drumming Circle, where even some of our parents participated! We ended the day off with a piper, Cole Harrup, from Highlanders Pipeband. Some of the activities of the day included learning about South Africa’s landscape, her animals, and South African English. It was a fun day that was attended by our local media.

Lycée Jules Verne Pretoria was featured in the Pretoria News and The Pretoria East Rekord.

Article by Vanessa Smeets

Meanwhile in Johannesburg…

The week leading up to Heritage Day the Johannesburg-based English Maternelle team incorporated some themed activities, relevant books and songs into their teaching, highlighting the celebration of diversity in both South Africa as a country and Lycée Jules Verne as an international school.

Heritage Day in South Africa celebrates the diversity of origins, cultures, languages, the arts, and their various manifestations mirrored in the incredibly diverse school community. We celebrated the beauty and value of each persons’ heritage which afforded the learners an opportunity to develop appreciation of the beauty and value in the heritages of one another.

On Monday, the 23rd of September, the PS, MS and GS heritage-themed artworks were on display in the playground. Some of these included the South African flag (PS), some of the local animals that form part of the Big Five (MS) and T-shirts representing the spectrum of nationalities in each class (GS). In addition, the PS classes came together for some outdoor fun, including face-painting and a little photo shoot!



Written by Amélie Gellé and Nicole Pooley

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