Guidance Education

General objective

Guidance education forms part of the French curriculum and is given to scholars from Grade 7 to Grade 12 to assist them in making educational decisions based on their personal attributes, aptitudes, aspirations and living environments.

Areas explored

  • Identification of each student’s fields of interest and talents.
  • Development of self-representation.
  • Discovering professions and trades, and training and employment opportunities.
  • Work on socio-professional environment.

Objectives in Middle School

The skills and knowledge outcome at the end of Middle school are:

Knowledge of self.

Knowledge of the various educational structures at school.

Knowledge and first experience in the professional world.

Objectives in High School

Developing their own guidance projects.

Pursuing the discovery of professions and the required training.

In High School we offer assistance in information and enrollment procedures for further studies.
For further information please consult Parcoursup 2018-2019 calendar and go to:

  • At the media centre (CDI) an area is dedicated to Guidance with documents and computer programs for students’ use.
  • A partnership with Campus France to promote French higher education programs (details). Contact: Chrisna Bekker – / 012 425 1721
  • In civic education throughout Middle School, students learn about various aspects of daily life and are encouraged to understand work within these daily parameters.
  • The school offers visits to companies for students in 7th, 8th and 9th grade, eg factories, architectural firms, etc.
  • Short-term work placements, followed by a written report and presentation before a jury (8th and 10th grade students).
  • A careers fair at the school that includes presentations by professionals.
  • A week-long visit to the school by a Guidance Counselor. (Information given to students, teachers, families and individual sessions with the counselor).
  • Individual assistance in grade 10 (support, improvement, guidance).
  • Consultation on academic practices regarding guidance at all teaching levels.
  • Setting up a School Life Council.
  • 10th grade student testimonies on the various subjects and fields of study at the school.
  • Teachers’ presentation of the various specific subjects in 12th grade.
  • Professionals’ visit and presentation in the framework of the Lunch talks discussing employment in Finance, Law, Health, etc.
  • Visit and presentations by representatives of Grande Ecoles (French specialized universities/colleges) and South African universities (WITS, UCT) in the framework of the University talks.
  • Former students’ presentation of their Higher Education studies.
  • Organization of the SESAME contest (common contest for 7 Business Schools) within the school. See the registration procedures.
  • Setting up an examinations centre for the Cambridge University certifications.