The baccalaureate diploma and the national diploma of the Brevet are unique and official documents. Like for the report card, they will not be shipped to you but can only be collected from the high school exam secretariat. Generally, diplomas are available from October or November.

Required documentation:

The baccalaureate diploma and the national diploma of the Brevet are registered documents. To collect them, you must bring your identity card. However, it is the only mandatory document to bring. If you do not yet have the age of legal majority, your parent must collect the diploma on your behalf, same rule applies.

In case you or your parent cannot collect them yourself, someone you trust can do it for you. In this case, this person must have a written power of attorney, dated, signed and bearing the number of your / parent identity document, but also of his own.

If you cannot collect your degree:

Please note the high school will not keep your degree indefinitely. If you cannot pick it up, you will need to check with the exam secretariat for the steps to take.

In case of loss of diploma: :

If you lose your diploma, you will not be able to receive another one. However, the school can issue you a certificate of achievement, which has the same legal value as the diploma. For this you will have to send us a written request. It is very important to keep proof of obtaining the baccalaureate, which will necessarily be required to register you in further studies.

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