Covid-19 – Instructions for Lycée Jules Verne

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Oct 11, 2019
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Mar 5, 2020
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Covid-19 – Instructions for Lycée Jules Verne

Dear Sir / Madam, dear parents,

Given the very rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 epidemic, the AEFE has updated its recommendations with regard to the measures taken by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health (MSS) for people returning from the area exposure.

The countries/areas where COVID-19 is spreading are as follows:
– China (Hong Kong and Macao included)
– Singapore
– South Korea
– Japan
– Italian regions of Lombardy (Milan region), Veneto (Venice region)
– Iran

At the request of the French Embassy in South Africa, the Lycée Jules Verne (Johannesburg and Pretoria campus) requires that students and staff returning from these countries/areas do NOT come to the Lycée during a 14-day period following their return and to apply the following measures:

· Monitor your temperature twice a day;
· Watch for the appearance of respiratory infection symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.);
· Wear a surgical mask when you are in front of another person and when you have to go out;
. Wash your hands regularly using soap or use a hydro-alcoholic solution;
· Avoid contact with frail people (pregnant women, the chronically ill, the elderly, etc.);
· Avoid frequenting places where there are fragile people (hospitals, maternity hospitals, accommodation structures for the elderly, etc.);
· Avoid all non-essential outings (large gatherings, restaurants, cinema, etc.).

The families concerned will kindly make themselves known to our secretariat:
Johannesburg campus:
Pretoria campus:

The establishment will contact in order to set up school support for children at home: sending homework, contacting teachers.

On Wednesday March 4, the Lycée has implemented the following measures:

1) Provision of hydro-alcoholic solution in all classrooms,
2) Health instructions posted in the strategic points of the school relayed by nurses and teachers,
3) Setting up distance courses for students (Middle and High school) not allowed to enter the classroom.

We thank you for your understanding and remain at your disposal for any further information.

Your sincerely.

The Headmistress, Emmanuelle MARQUI

COVID-19 UPDATE on 03 March at 8pm:

Following our communication today and the new recommendations of the AEFE, I inform you that the instructions non to come to the Lycée Jules Verne for 14 days now apply also to students and staff from the following countries:

– Italian regions of Lombardy (Region of Milan), Veneto (Region of Venice), Emilia-Romagna (Region of Bologna)

– Active circulation zones of the virus in France defined by the Regional Health Agency (municipalities of Oise, Balme Haute Savoie, municipalities of Morbihan)

Thank you for making yourself known at the same addresses.

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