Instructional continuity at Lycée Jules Verne
Apr 27, 2020
Christian VOLTS art project in CE1
Jun 26, 2020
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Celebrating Languages! 

Since the beginning of May, our pupils from nursery right up to high school have been working with their language teachers on “Language challenges” as part of the Language Week organised by the AEFE and the French Ministry of Education. These challenges have been taken up by many of the schools across the Southern and Eastern Africa zone. Our pupils productions alongside those of their colleagues from across the zone can be seen on the Zone Padlet. Come have a look 

Have you considered learning a new language during lockdown?

Lockdown has given us the opportunity to discover and learn new things. Actually, this may be the best time to improve your language skill. thats what the Grade 10 students have done. The SI grade 10 students have made a real effort to share what they have learnt during the lockdown with you, in the languages of their parents and grand-parents.  You can find their efforts at the following link: and share in the cultural variety that exists at our school. Listen to their efforts in Portuguese, Swedish, Breton, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish etc

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