Mar 23, 2018

Media Week

The Cycle 3 classes of Pretoria had to recognize parts of a newspaper (adverts, hard news, soft news) and then wore real press passes, kindly donated by a real journalist for the day. The passes include: elections, Mandela’s funeral, fashion shows, dog shows, etc. This was a good exercise in […]
Mar 16, 2018

Johannesburg CM1 – CM2 maths week

For the movement-themed mathematics week, Johannesburg CM1 and CM2 students programmed robots with tablets to move them. Measure, proportionality and digital were at the rendez-vous.
Mar 8, 2018

Musical storyboard

The CM1 and CM2 students of Pretoria took part in a musical storyboard as part of their English, music and art classes. A storyboard helps one learn the spelling better, but involves one’s singing as well as artistic talent. This is their first storyboard about helping the world, it’s Imagine, […]
Feb 22, 2018

The Pretoria campus protects the environment

Over past months several sustainable development projects have seen the light of day at the Pretoria campus. The cycle 2 pupils have built an insect hotel, the cycle 1 pupils have spent some time on their vegetable garden and on the 100th day of school the GS-CP pupils planted 100 […]
Feb 15, 2018

The CP classes outlet at Upatree

The CP Outlet at Upatree, Biological Farm at De Wildt Pretoria: To close our science project on germination, the children were able to discover the life of a real agricultural farm through workshops organized around fruit picking, plant observation, tasting jams … They finished the morning with a farm tractor […]
Feb 8, 2018

Land art in Nirox

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 CE1 classes A, B, C and CP / CE1D went to Nirox to discover this beautiful park and some land art facilities. The children were warmly welcomed by three artists in residence, a journalist and the manager of the foundation. After a walk rich in discoveries […]
Jan 25, 2018

Spirit of giving

Thank you to all the parents and students from the Pretoria school who gave toiletries, stationery, toys and clothes to the Jacaranda Children’s Home. We were greeted with warm hugs and faces of gratitude. The estate currently cares for 253 children, aged 4 to 18 years old. Our students from […]
Jan 11, 2018

Pretoria Christmas party

This Friday 15 December, all the pupils of the school gave a small concert in the school yard. Thanks to the many parents who came to listen to them. From 9am, Santa Claus went around classes. What a joy to welcome him! As all the students were wise this year, he had with […]
Dec 1, 2017

World Children Day

20 November was the International Day of the Rights of the Child. Throughout the week, Pretoria classes from CP to CM2 exchanged around this theme, thanks to the teaching materials provided by UNICEF. On 22nd November, CE1 to CM2 classes welcomed Latitha, UNICEF Child Rights Ambassador, and Sandra Bisin, chief […]
Nov 23, 2017

Anaïs Brulet competition

During the “Semaine des lycées français du monde” (Week of French Schools Abroad), the Pretoria students of CM2 visited their peers in the CP, CE1 and CE2 classes, in preparation for the Anaïs Brulet poetry competition. The Cycle 2 students, through the kind guidance of the CM2s, wrote a three-verse […]