Nov 24, 2020

Le P’tit Jules, the Lycée Jules Verne’s newspaper

Le P’tit Jules, the Lycée Jules Verne’s newspaper, talks about the school’s news seen by students. This newspaper, a team of young journalists from Grade 8 to Grade 12, is also a way for all students of secondary school and high school to talk about themes that matter to them […]
Apr 24, 2020

It’s holiday time!

We are wrapping up our 5th week of distance learning #ljvathome. We do not take the work you’ve put into these past few weeks lightly: the dedication and commitment from our teachers, our students’ resilience and the continuous support of our parents. A big thank you to all of you […]
Mar 9, 2019

FESTIVAL FRANCOPHONIE : already 2 events

On Saturday 9 March, students from the Pretoria campus sang for the opening of the Francophonie festival at Pro Arte Alphen Park. We warmly thank Jeanne Marchal, our choir director, as well as all the students and teachers for this beautiful moment. Watch the video of the concert here. See […]
Nov 13, 2018

Visit of an animal shelter for MS

Last Tuesday, all MS students from Johanesburg visited the Woodrock animal shelter. They learnt to take care of animals, and had the chance to cuddle cats, rabbits, dogs and even donkeys. They met some hairy pigs, some noisy and posh gooses, some chickens and even chatty ducks. Then, MSB students […]
Nov 6, 2018

Let’s go discover our 5 senses in MS B

On Friday just before holidays, we invited daddies and mummies to experiment in class their 5 senses: Different activities were presented: taste yogurts with weird colours and tastes, smell nice or disgusting odors, listen to sounds and instruments and guess what is it, eat food with different tastes, touch rough/soft/wet […]
Sep 24, 2018

School outing “Our stories our Africa”

As part of our celebration of Heritage day, all the Johannesburg preschool classes enjoyed a wonderful show on traditional african stories. From the costumes to the songs and dances, everything was excellent. We even had the chance to participate to the show : we danced, we played parts… What a […]
Jun 22, 2018

An animated movie made by the MSC pupils

The pupils will be  very proud to invite their families and to show them their movie on the 22nd of June. It tells the “Beauty and the Beast” story. What a work ! – recording our voices to tell the story – drawing hundreds of characters and painting the settings, […]
Apr 20, 2018

MSC discovers the art of printing with Fiona Pole

We were extremely lucky. Fiona Pole, a very talended south african artist, came to our class to help us create these special self portraits.Fiona showed us how to do our collage, and how to print it on paper. What a great experience ! Thank you very much Fiona If you […]
Apr 6, 2018

Alice in wonderland

All pupils from MS sections in Johannesburg went to see the “Alice in wonderland” musical at the Little People Theatre. What a wonderful show. Costumes, Backgrounds, Songs and talented actors everything was truly magical. Thank a lot for a great show. In case you want more information here is their […]
Mar 16, 2018

5 births on Johannesburg campus !

After 32 days of patience and daily observation, the MSB finally discovered with joy this morning, in the worm comfy nest made by the mummy Zoé, 5 tiny baby bunnies. One is all pinky, 2 others are grey like the daddy Romarin, and the 2 last one are black and […]