The Eco-School Program

In South Africa, the Eco-School program is managed by WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) in partnership with the WWF and is aimed at coordinating environmental education and sustainable development in schools.

Lycee Jules Verne registered for the program in 2007 and in 2010 the proverbial ‘green flag’ was awarded to the school for being committed to sustainable development for many years.

This international program was established by the Foundation for Environmental Education and when Lycee Jules Verne became a part of the program, joined schools in more than 40 countries worldwide.  More than 1,000 schools are registered for this program in South Africa and we are seeing an immense growth in the number of schools getting involved in South Africa and in France.

Aimed at creating a heightened awareness of sustainable development, the eco-school clubs look at improving the quality of the school’s environment by setting up efficient recycling in order to minimize the waste produced by the school, create awareness about water and energy consumption and to educate on major current sustainable development issues.

A curriculum set out in 2004 is narrowly followed by eco-schools around the globe.

A few examples of actions undertaken at our school

  • Program to re-introduce owls to the neighbourhood
  • Environment exhibition (secondary)
  • Environment workshop (grade 6)
  • Braamfontein Spruit clean-up mission


Emmanuel Selles, is the one in charge of the Eco-School programme for the Primary School