Apr 13, 2018

Graffiti Tour for CM1 students

This week, we went to Maboneng for the Graffiti Tour with our 2 guides JO and Bias who is a renowned graffiti artist from Joburg. Bubble letters, tags, masterpieces, throw ups, street art have no secrets for us. We were also able to draw our own graffiti on site.
Apr 13, 2018

Meeting about changes in teenage years

On the 06th of April 2018, the Gr 8 students intervened with their class regarding the changes in teenage years. Actually, a few months ago, they chatted with the vie Scolaire about topics that they wanted to focus on such as peace of mind, feeling poorly. A small group of […]
Apr 13, 2018

Launch of paired tutoring at Lycée Jules Verne

This week, around twenty students from Gr 10 have benefited from educational support ensured by the adults responsible for this paired tutoring. This 23 students are volunteers for this program of becoming a tutor to a student in Gr 6 and 7. New project launched this school year, the PT, […]
Apr 6, 2018

Alice in wonderland

All pupils from MS sections in Johannesburg went to see the “Alice in wonderland” musical at the Little People Theatre. What a wonderful show. Costumes, Backgrounds, Songs and talented actors everything was truly magical. Thank a lot for a great show. In case you want more information here is their […]
Apr 5, 2018

University of Pretoria & Tuks FM tour

As part of both our Geography class (Se loger, travailler, se cultiver et avoir des loisirs) and Art class (Visual Spaces), as well as Media Week, we visited the University of Pretoria last Thursday, 29 March. We were first showed around the 1908 campus with the best Law Faculty in […]
Apr 3, 2018

Young Reporters for the Environment contest

CAV students participate in the Young Reporters for the Environment contest in the 11-18 age group. The competition requires the realization of a report integrating the approach of the journalism of solutions. They were interested in the following problem: the rats invade the township of Alexandra (the accidents are numerous), […]
Mar 29, 2018

The Speech Festival

The Speech Festival took place at the Pretoria school, on Wednesday 28 March, with a wonderful turn-out by the parents. The Cycle 3 classes did exceptionally well this year! A huge thank you to the adjudicator, Heather Sandmann, and our English teachers, Vanessa Smeets and Leane Curnier for preparing the […]
Mar 23, 2018

Certifications of Cambridge 2018

On Saturday March 10th and 17th, 2018, 205 students and 5 staff of the Lycée Jules Verne passed the certifications of Cambridge. At the instigation of Ms. Marqui, new Provisor, who arrived in September 2017, the written and oral exams were organized at Lycée Jules Verne and mobilized all the […]
Mar 23, 2018

Media Week

The Cycle 3 classes of Pretoria had to recognize parts of a newspaper (adverts, hard news, soft news) and then wore real press passes, kindly donated by a real journalist for the day. The passes include: elections, Mandela’s funeral, fashion shows, dog shows, etc. This was a good exercise in […]
Mar 23, 2018

Internet Safety

Nic and Courtney, two specialists in I.T. came to the Pretoria school to discuss the dangers of the Internet with the Cycle 3 classes. The students understood the dangers of giving out personal information, how to protect themselves online and their P.C.s, tablets or phones. A big thank to our […]