May 25, 2018

Second A students have the speech

“On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit the Crèche Gabrielle, located in the south of Joburg. Paula and Angélique, volunteers, came to the school a few weeks before, to organize the project with our main teacher, Mme LANGLAIS. We went there with Mrs Churin and Mr Staes too. We […]
May 11, 2018

A 3rd prize for a high school student at a famous scientific national contest

Léo Lecoq has shown great talent and serenity to perform in a Geoscience competition. He gets the 3rd prize.  Congratulations for his rigorous work ! This year, 775 students participated in this contest. The prize list also honors Madeleine de Marcellus for her results. She gets a very good mark […]
Apr 20, 2018

Pretoria fresh produce from the vegetable garden

On Thursday 12 April the GS and CP pupils proudly harvested the first fresh produce from the school vegetable garden. With the help of the English teachers and our chef, Alfred Peu, they made a delicious salad that they enjoyed for lunch!  
Apr 20, 2018

MSC discovers the art of printing with Fiona Pole

We were extremely lucky. Fiona Pole, a very talended south african artist, came to our class to help us create these special self portraits.Fiona showed us how to do our collage, and how to print it on paper. What a great experience ! Thank you very much Fiona If you […]
Apr 20, 2018

Fairy Garden

After a month of pure dedication, the fairy garden made by the Cycle 3 classes of Pretoria was revealed to some other classes. The students used what they learnt in Geography to plan a forest, paths and homes and their creative talent to bring it to life. The garden will […]
Apr 20, 2018

Maboneng Graffiti Tour

The CM1s of Pretoria enjoyed a colourful morning in the streets of Maboneng, Johannesburg. Our guide, Jo Buitendach, from PAST Experiences explained the differences between street art and graffiti and taught us various terms to understand this type of art better. She was very impressed by our students’ knowledge on […]
Apr 13, 2018

Cycle 2/cycle 3 Trip to the theatre

On Tuesday 10 April the CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2 pupils of the Pretoria campus visited the theatre to see a production of Rapunzel. The top quality show combined singing and dancing as well as amusing dialogue.
Apr 13, 2018

Graffiti Tour for CM1 students

This week, we went to Maboneng for the Graffiti Tour with our 2 guides JO and Bias who is a renowned graffiti artist from Joburg. Bubble letters, tags, masterpieces, throw ups, street art have no secrets for us. We were also able to draw our own graffiti on site.
Apr 13, 2018

Meeting about changes in teenage years

On the 06th of April 2018, the Gr 8 students intervened with their class regarding the changes in teenage years. Actually, a few months ago, they chatted with the vie Scolaire about topics that they wanted to focus on such as peace of mind, feeling poorly. A small group of […]
Apr 13, 2018

Launch of paired tutoring at Lycée Jules Verne

This week, around twenty students from Gr 10 have benefited from educational support ensured by the adults responsible for this paired tutoring. This 23 students are volunteers for this program of becoming a tutor to a student in Gr 6 and 7. New project launched this school year, the PT, […]