Apr 6, 2017

Discover the CM2A comics

We first read a fantasy novel in class: Le Père Tire-Bras, by Jean-François Chabas. We then transcribed the text into the script for a comic, in other words we imagined the scene, the text of the captions, the speech bubbles, and any eventual onomatopoeia. We then chose the size of […]
Feb 17, 2017

Lycée Jules Verne: a multinationality school !

For the Pretoria Open Day last Wednesday, Sophie Werth and Vanessa SMEETS had a wonderful idea: make a movie with their pupils to show the diverse and large number of nationalities in their school. Production: Vanessa SMEETS Watch the movie
Feb 16, 2017

Midmar 2017

Last Friday, on 11st February 2017, 75 swimmers from the Lycée competed for the second event of the Trophée Jules Verne: The Midmar Mile. It is the largest open water swimming event in the world: 17,000 swimmers. The Lycée Jules Verne is the 3rd school represented, simply because we do […]