Nov 10, 2017

Mexican day of deads at school

GR 7, 8 and 9 students had some workshops during the week before the school holidays to prepare the “Day of the deads” celebration, classified by the UNESCO as a Worldwide inmaterial cultural legacy. This great job could’nt have been possible without the implication of four mexican mums, Mrs Carolina […]
Nov 9, 2017

5 senses exhibition in MS classes

It seems like all parents came to our 5 senses exhibition on the Friday 20th of October. Our pupils were so proud to show you their good work and to play games with you. Thank you very much !  
Nov 3, 2017

5ème and CM1 classes breakfasts

The 5ème classes pupils wanted to teach how important breakfast is to younger people. On the third week of October, they decided to share this important meal with the CM1 classes, to talk about balanced food, satiety, in a friendly atmosphere. They created a breakfast menu and imagine games and […]
Oct 19, 2017

AEFE director visit

Last week, the Lycée was honored to receive a visit from Mr Christophe Bouchard, Director of AEFE on the Johannesburg and Pretoria campuses. The Director met with all members of our educational community: personal, student representatives, parents and board of directors. He also signed the new agreement with the AEFE. […]
Oct 19, 2017

Ecole Polytechnique Bachelor application is now open

Thanks to the partnership between AEFE and l’Ecole Polytechnique, we can annonce that the application for their Bachelor are now open. Students and their families can already visit the page “admissions” on the school website, where they would know all the documents they need to apply. Application process will be online. You can […]
Oct 19, 2017

The MS classes went to the science museum

All pupils from Johannesburg MS classes went to the Sci-Bono museum. What a great day ! We built a house all together, we did experiments on our five senses, we saw some dinosaurs, an air balloon, an electric train… That was a wonderful experience. A big “thank you” to the […]
Oct 19, 2017

Tasting week in Pretoria

In Pretoria we celebrated a week of taste by learning about the art of pastry making under the expert guidance of Mr Fouad, the Spar pastry chef. The maternelle classes prepared different culinary delicacies such as croissants or little turtle breads. The older children in CP and CE1 made delicious […]
Oct 19, 2017

Cross 2017

Thank you all! – children (and adults!) for their participation (and a special thanks to the children of Pretoria for their participation despite the distance) – parents for their encouragement – our sponsors and partners for their help Thanks to you the cross has this year again been a friendly moment […]
Oct 19, 2017

Andy Warhol

On Wednesday 04 and Friday 06 of October, grade 8 and 9 pupils visited the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Witts Art Museum. This outing allowed them to discover Braamfontein as well as this major pop art artist. as reported by Francisco Martinez of 4eA: “We saw lots of works […]
Oct 19, 2017

3emes students recycle

3emes recycle look alike food Everywhere around us we hear the word Recycling. We recycle papers, bottles, plastic, polystyrene, textile, electronics and so on. The 3emes were given the task of creating a look alike food with their recycling materials they collected from home. They placed effort in making their […]