Nov 17, 2017

Pretoria arts and culture day

During arts and culture day, students from CP, CE1 and CE2 collaborated on a collective art project. The goal was to work on silhouettes: after defining what the silhouette is, students were able to mimic different actions in sport, then reproduce the corresponding silhouettes in two ways: – in 3D, […]
Nov 17, 2017

Cradle of humankind

Where do we come from? The Cycle 3 students of Pretoria decided to find out! The adventure started with hiking through the Sterkfontein Caves, where Little Foot and Mrs Ples were discovered. We continued to Maropeng – Cradle of Humankind (Maropeng means “back to our origins”), where we travelled by […]
Nov 17, 2017

African portraits

During « La semaine des lycées » the students of Pretoria’s Cycle 3 learnt about various African ethnic groups and were asked to choose their favourite portraits from Mario Gerth’s photographic pieces. These were then cut up, coloured as they envisioned, and reglued to create completely new portraits. The combinations […]
Nov 17, 2017

Pastry workshop for Pretoria cycle 3

On Thursday, November 2nd, the students of CM1 realized chelsea buns following the advice of a pastry chef officiating within a Spar. They greatly appreciated this sweetness with cinnamon, icing sugar and raisins. On Wednesday, November 8, it is the CM2 who are introduced to the culinary art!
Nov 17, 2017

Volley-ball tournament

On Saturday, November 11th 2017, the students of the volley ball section organized their first Volley Ball tournament. Students, teachers, supervisors and parents made 12 teams of 6. The tournament was held in a good mood. Congratulations to all participants. We would like to thank AIRBUS for the first prize […]
Nov 17, 2017

MS B class new animal project

The MS are welcoming in their classroom animals for the new project! In Julie’s class, Romarin the Rabbit and Vermillon the fish arrived. Those two adapted perfectly in their new environment, specially with the wonderful games built by the kids. The pupils also sent a letter to Pierre and Elliot, […]
Nov 17, 2017

CP classes at “Strauss and Co”

On Friday, 10th of November 2017, CP classes discovered South African artists’works exhibited by “Strauss and Co” before their auction. Students were able to observe a few works in detail through a treasure hunt …  
Nov 10, 2017

Mexican day of deads at school

GR 7, 8 and 9 students had some workshops during the week before the school holidays to prepare the “Day of the deads” celebration, classified by the UNESCO as a Worldwide inmaterial cultural legacy. This great job could’nt have been possible without the implication of four mexican mums, Mrs Carolina […]
Nov 9, 2017

5 senses exhibition in MS classes

It seems like all parents came to our 5 senses exhibition on the Friday 20th of October. Our pupils were so proud to show you their good work and to play games with you. Thank you very much !  
Nov 3, 2017

5ème and CM1 classes breakfasts

The 5ème classes pupils wanted to teach how important breakfast is to younger people. On the third week of October, they decided to share this important meal with the CM1 classes, to talk about balanced food, satiety, in a friendly atmosphere. They created a breakfast menu and imagine games and […]