Ambassadeurs en herbe

What is “Ambassadeurs en herbe” ?

What is Ambassadeurs en herbe ? Teams of 5 students consisting of 3 speakers (one from Primary School, one from collège and one from lycée), 1 host and 1 spokesperson meet around a given theme, exchange, ask questions and debate. This verbal jousting is done in French as well as in (one of) the language(s) spoken in the host country. The report after the debates must be done in English. The contest is organised throughout the whole school year. A first step is organised within the school and then between all the schools within the country. During the finale stage, teams within the region meet and debate before an international meeting is held in Paris in May.

The theme of the debates changes every year. In 2017, the pupils debated on “The values of Olympism”. This year’s theme was “Art”. This 2018-2019 year’s theme is: « Sciences and society, which world for 2050? » 

2017/2018 Team

The Lycée Jules Verne full team 2017/2018 – Johannesburg

Full members :
Cameron SHIELD (6eC)
Edouard GEISLER ( 5eA)
Layla RUJIGIRO (2nde A)
Anne-Laurie MAYENGO (2nde A)

Alternate members :
Aurélien ROOS (5eC)
Alexandra JONES ( 5eA)

De gauche à droite : Anne-Laurie, Layla, Aurélien, Edouard, Cameron, Théa & Maïa

2 selected in Cape Town to be part of the South African Team

This year, two students from LFJV, Cameron Shield (in 6ème) and Anne-Laurie Mayengo (in 2nde) participated in the regional finale that took place in Cape Town on March 12th and 13th. Anne-Laurie Mayengo won the finale et was part of the team that had the chance to go to Paris at the beginning of May for the international meeting. She was accompanied by 2 students from Burundi, one classmate from Kenya and another one from Zimbabwe.

L’équipe d'Afrique du sud à Table Mountain
Sélection zone Afrique australe et orientale

The Paris finale in images

How to enroll as an Ambassadeurs en herbe ?

This year 2018-2019, we renew the project.

For the finale within the school in November, the registered students must do a 6-minute oral presentation in which they will have to:

-introduce themselves, introduce the school and talk about their role in the debate for one minute in English,

-speak for 3 minutes in French on the theme defined by AEFE: « Sciences and society, which world for 2050? » 

– conclude their speech and sum up their main ideas in one of languages spoken in the host country (Afrikaans, Zulu, English, …) for 2 minutes.

Students who wish to sign up for the contest have to fill in the registration form and hand it to either Emmanuel Selles for CM2 pupils or one of the secondary school teachers (Mme Schmidt, M.Staes or Mme Van Meyel) for the college or lycée students.

For more information have a look on Ambassadeurs en Herbe site or watch the 2018 edition video.

The « Ambassadeurs en Herbe » team : Mrs Schmidt, Mr. Staes, Mr. Selles and Ms Van Meyel