The Pretoria campus protects the environment
February 22, 2018
Target 5000, a solidarity action
February 22, 2018

Youth literature festival

From 11 to 21 February we were honoured to welcome four authors of youth literature at the Lycée Jules Verne. Thomas Scotto led writing workshops in all the Pretoria classes as well as the CP-CE1 classes at the Johannesburg campus. Fred Barnard met and worked with the cycle 3 classes in Johannesburg.
Ginny Stone and Refiloe Moahloli, two very well-known names in the South African youth literature domain, led workshops in all our primary school classes at both campuses. The festival closed on 21 February with a special visit by our Pretoria parents who discovered the literary works produced by their children and had the opportunity to learn more about the world of author. It was a wonderful opportunity to exchange and share ideas. A warm thank you to all our participants – it was a wonderful week full of inspiration!

The advanced English classes of Pretoria (Cycle 3) prepared their own “Sibo” stories to add to the collection of South African author, Ginny Stone, if you missed the exhibition.



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