Project Target 5000
June 1, 2018
SCHOOL CAMP: KwaZulu-Natal
June 14, 2018


On Friday, June 1st, the CP-CE1D and the CE1 A pupils presented a spectacle adapted from the album Yasuke written by Frédéric Marais, which tells the true story of a former slave who traveled from Kilimanjaro to Mount Fuji and became samurai. Each class was inspired by a continent.

After a last afternoon of dress rehearsal, the children were amazed to discover themselves dressed and made up with the help of their parents. They then all together offered their parents a beautiful show mixing staging, dances, animated films and narrations …

They discovered that in the long run, another time seems to be accelerating. This hour has been intensely lived!

Japon animated film<>

African animated film<>

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