Target 5000

Our goal : the ascension of Mount Kenya

In line with our official School Project concerning Eco-Citizenship, we are developing a project of solidarity with our students and young underprivileged South Africans.

The goal is to link our school with the “Children of the Dawn” Association in order to work on a partnership.
High mountains are an extreme environment where solidarity between mountain climbers on the same rope is a test of team spirit.

Our goal is to enable a mixed group of students from Jules Verne and the “Children of the Dawn” Association to climb Mount Kenya.
Each boy and girl will have a role in the organization and planning as well as the logistics and security of the group.

The preliminary phase entails three mountain outings:
  • Mont aux Sources (September, ascension to 3200 meters with a night on the mountain)
  • The Rhebok Trail (a week from December 6 to 13, ascension to 2800 meters with a night at a shelter but with carriers for the two days, two times 13 kilometers)
Our Target 5000 is the ascension of Mount Kenya which will take place in January of 2016.
The mountain outings in preparation for the final ascension will be organized by the Lycée Jules Verne and will take place in May, September and December.

More information can be found on the leaflet: Target 5000

How can you help?

You are a company: 

You can get tax discounts, BEE points…, for that, your donations have to go directly to the Children of the Dawn association (contact :

You are a person:
You can choose the articles of the Children of the Dawn child that you want to sponsor. See the presentation of the children below:

You can also participate in the “Drakensberg parrainage” outing during a weekend (departure on Friday). You will hike in the mountains on Saturday, then you will visit the sponsored children’s village on Sunday morning. Limited to 20 people, no children. Everything is covered (meals, hosting, hiking, visits…)

For any inquiry, you can contact:
François Blériot:
Emmanuel Selles: