affiche nouvelles australes 2014This year again, the French school Lycée Jules Verne will host its forth short story contest entitled “Nouvelles Australes”, open to all middle and high school students. The purpose of this contest is to give students an opportunity to freely express themselves and to create a text with meaning and express a personal view of the world around them. Students, as readers and writers, are invited to give free rein to their imagination.

The goal is also to give everyone an opportunity to take part in a unifying cultural event given that this event is open to all the schools of the AEFE network in the Eastern African,  Southern African and Indian Ocean zone.
Welcome to the new schools that join us this year!

We hope to receive a great number of stories!
Let your creative juices start flowing!

Contest rules:

This contest is open to all middle and high school students, i.e. students from grade 6 to grade 12 (Terminale).  Each student will compete in the category corresponding to his/her actual grade. 

– Registration by sending your surname, firstname, class, school and country to the following adress by 15 December 2014.

– The short stories may not exceed 1,800 words (four A4 pages, typed in Types New Roman or Arial font with font size 12) without spelling errors.

– The short stories will be inspired by the following theme: “discovery”.

– Each short story writing must be written individually by the student and must be an original creation.

– Each school can send until 5 short stories per category (5 short stories for grades 6 & 7, 5 short stories for grades 8 & 9 and 5 short stories for grades 10 to 12). That means not more than 15 short stories at most.

– The short story have to be sent through the coordinating teacher to no later than 1st February 2015.

– A prize will be given to the BEST THREE short stories in each category (grades 6 & 7, grades 8 & 9 and grades 10 to 12) upon the Jury’s decision in april 2015.

Calendar of short story contest 2014-2015

15 December 2014 Coordinating teachers register the participants. Send firstname, surname, class, school and country of each participant.
1st February 2015 Sending of the short stories to
Text are in a word document
April 2015 Deliberation of the jury and publication of the results. Results are sent to the coordinating teachers in every participant school.
June 2015 Prizes are sent to winners and the book of short stories is put online on the website of Edilivre
Prizes are sent to winners through the post office or handed by a member of the Lycée Jules Verne staff when they go to the country of the winner