Semaine des Maths – 12th to 16th March 2018

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March 16, 2018
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March 23, 2018

Semaine des Maths – 12th to 16th March 2018

Numerous activities during La Semaine des Maths at LFJV made an impact !

  • Our 3èmes and 2ndes classes racked their brains on one of the APMEP challenges from the Lyons Académie: the actual challenge will take place in a few weeks’ time and on that occasion, our classes will compete against other AEFE schools. Out of our 5 classes competing, the 2nde A got the best score! Congratulations to them all! The date is set for the return match!  For more info, please click on the PDF: Rallye APMED
  • Some twenty of our students, who all have a green thumb, showed imagination to create 6 geometrical flowerbeds using succulents (plants). The winners of the contest are Pauline FURTER(6B), Nina LANGLAIS(6A), Nanouk RAFFIN(6B) & Cassandre ROBBE-SAULE(6B) with their checked pattern, which is very graphic and very neatly installed. Congratulations girls! 3 or 4 flowerbeds can still be installed. Students who are interested in doing so can still give some of their time at lunchtime. (Please go and ask the science lab/biology teachers for gardening tools). For more info, please click on the PDF: Parterres géométriques
  • The 4ème A class completed their fortified castles and had them displayed in the school library. It was the final step in their work on solids in space and on scale. For more info, please click on the PDF: Châteaux forts
  • Students from different Collège classes were taught cryptography: coding and decoding messages… what a fascinating game !
  • CM1, CM2 and 6ème students took part in the third part of the Rallye Maths du Cycle 3 which was organised by primary school teachers. The winners of the rallye n°3 are Emma LANIER 6A, Aiden SMITHSON 6C, Clara LICHTENBERGER CM1B et Alexandre NUNES CM2C. Congratulation! For more info, please click on the PDF: Rallye maths cycle 3
  • Our Lycée students ended this Semaine des Maths with a show called « Maths en Show », organised by the 5 Maths teachers of the Collège and Lycée. Short movie extracts were shown and each of them was punctuated by logical challenges, false demonstrations, geometry, samplings, Moebius strip, etc. The variety of the acts glued all of our 120 lycée students who attended the show to the spot!

Thank you for your attention. See you next year.



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