School Business Club

School Business Club

The main partners:

The companies therefore support the school with education and offer them advertising by taking part in events that are in line with their own communications policies (sustainable development for some, rugby or soccer for others or even festival-type events).

 For our students to get exposure to the corporate world and receive education from professionals beyond the school’s educational scope, the Lycee Jules Verne established the School Business Club.

The purpose of the School Business Club is to perpetuate and render professional relations between the school and a hub of companies that show an interest in our school.

The Club operates by way of plenary meetings or in sub-groups, depending on the project at hand.

The Objectives

Jules Verne’s objective is to be in a position to request financial or intellectual aid from this network of companies for projects, in particular sports, Eco-school (environment), educational partnerships, company visits, communication and advertising.

Project coordination enables company to:

have better visibility of our projects with schedules to assist them in preparation of materials

choose the areas in which they would like to invest in

be better represented in these projects

share the experiences through plenary sessions or in small groups

Companies therefore support the Lycée Jules Verne in various manners by providing professional expertise, donations of products or services and financing specific activities. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all them!


We are always open to suggestions or proposals. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Olivia Bihry, coordinator: .

A highly-qualified professional comes to present his job, his sector or curriculum to the 11th and 12th Grade students. The aim is to offer more choices to the students for their post-bac guidance.

Lunch talk presentations can be downloaded below:

  • Financial aid and logistics of the CMEFE, the World Cup of International French Schools, in June 2010
  • Financial aid and logistics of the Tournament of Two Hemispheres, that took place in South Africa in April 2010
  • Support for the school’s rugby teams (Michelin and Renault) and football teams (Total South Africa) in the form of new uniforms in 2011 and more matches (products donated by Danone at some matches)
  • Financial aid to the Bosmont Raiders township team for their trip to the Tournament of Two Hemispheres in France in 2011, provided by Air France, Bouygues and Total South Africa with reduced airfare rates negotiated by Air France for the Golden Lions
  • Donations and support for the annual Cross-Country event. Product donations were given by Danone, Nestlé Professional and Nestlé Water and a portion of the food stand proceeds was donated to the Inkanyesi organization.
  • Financing of a solar water heater and water recovery container and organizing an energy savings competition by Accor
  • Financing of two water recovery containers (one for the Lycée and one for Inkanyesi in Orange Farm, supported by the school) by Bouygues
  • Financing of a landscape study of the school by Lafarge
  • Financing of the trip by an Eco-School’s coordinator from the Western Cape for discussions with students by Alstom.
  • Addresses by professionals during the high school careers fair held at the Lycée
  • Organization of site visits (Total Coal mine, Gautrain depot)
  • Professionals’ class visits (journalists during media week, engineers for a conference on petroleum)
  • Work placements in companies for students in 4ème (grade 8)

School Fete: Raffle prizes provided by our partners were products donated by Nestlé Professional and Danone