Hello to all parents,

The year is ending soon. About 80 families entrusted us by joining us as APEG members.

We started this year with a team that had little or no knowledge of the creation of the APEG. We set out to resume the path of constructive collaboration with the different stakeholders in the life of the Lycée (Management, Administrative board).

This has led us sometimes to deal with delicate and lighter subjects, while at the same time making every effort to keep the main objective of defending the interests of our children and families at heart.

It is a long-term job, which requires energy, self-denial, tenacity … and time … because of some issues that  we have had to come back to several times.

At the beginning of the school year, the office of APEG will have to be renewed. A number of currently serving members are leaving South Africa or do not wish to renew their posts. It is a voluntary mission for the representation of parents in the governing bodies of the Lycée Jules Verne. We also need active members in the new office to organize themed coffee meetings, write the newsletter, and any other initiatives that you feel would be relevant.

We would like to remind you that the role of the Administrative School Board is highly regulated and that the parents who represent us can only intervene on aspects of the management of the institution. All subjects relating to the educational choices of the management and other  issues will not be managed by the Board.

It is therefore important for us to continue to support APEG in order to act in these areas.

We are therefore looking for volunteers willing to give a few hours a month of their time to maintain our commitments to defend the interests of children and families.

We invite you to get in touch with Delphine Bour if you wish to invest or have more information: phiphinebour@yahoo.fr<mailto:phiphinebour@yahoo.fr>

Once the number of candidates is sufficient, we will propose a meeting in order to get to know and organize the office and the new school year.

With all our thanks for your support,

The APEG team.


Association des Parents d’élèves des établissements scolaires français du Gauteng / Parents’ Association of the French Schools of Gauteng Lycee Jules Verne Reg n 127-772 NPO Po Box 258 Morningside 2057 – South Africa