Financing Projects Through The Events Committee

All surplus funds raised by the Events Committee are to be allocated to finance projects proposed by the teachers and learners whilst unused surplus funds are carried over to fund projects in the next year.

Teachers and learners are encouraged to submit project proposal to the Events Committee.

Projects are approved by the Events Committee according to the following criteria:

  • The project(s) must be proposed by teacher(s) and/or learner(s);
  • The project(s) must not be related to school maintenance, school consumables or construction projects as these form part of separate committee’s responsibilities (e.g. bicycle shelter, soundproofing room, printers);
  • Sufficient surplus funds must be available.
The project’s promotor then has to implement it with the help of the Committee if needed.

The projects approved by the Events Committee in 2012 include: a pottery oven, four wireless microphones for the theatre production, a climbing wall and two fuzz ball machines.

Forward your project proposal to the Events Committee at (Olivia BIHRY)