Events Organised By The Committee

The Events

The Events Committee focuses on the following four main events during the year, namely:

  • “Cheese & Wine” evening in September
  • “Galette Together” (Kings’ Pie) in January.
  • International Day: During this event, our primary school students experience the different countries represented in the school. This event is in late March and takes place during the week of the Francophonie”.
  • Our School Fete is our biggest event and takes place in late May or early June.

Budget and surplus funds

The Events Committee is self-funded through fund-raising events such as the school fete.
All surplus funds raised by the Events Committee are to be allocated to finance projects proposed by the teachers and learners and approved by the committee. Any unused surplus funds are carried over to endorse projects in the following year.

The School’s Finance Director ensures that the funds are used appropriately under the supervision of the School Board.