The Events Committee


By organizing regular cultural, recreational and sporting events, the Events Committee aims to improve school life. Any surplus funds raised in this regard is allocated to projects proposed by the teachers and learners and approved by the Events Committee.

Events Committee Structure

The Events Committee members are all volunteers offering up their time for the purpose of improving the educational structure for the students.

A Chairperson of the Events Committee is elected at the Parents’ Association General Meeting at the beginning of the school year and is responsible for reporting back to the General Assembly.

The Chairperson together with the Headmaster, the Primary School Director, the Bursar and an elected teacher are the ex-officio of the Events Committee, but other parents may join the Committee at any time. We always need volunteers. You can volunteer for the year or just for an event. Should you wish to volunteer to become an Events Committee Member, email the Events Committee at (Olivia BIHRY)

Contact the committee

We would love to hear your thoughts

Please send us your feedback or suggestions for events to : (Olivia BIRHY)