Objectif 5000

Goal: Climbing Mount Kenya

Through the project of establishment, on the axis eco-citizen, we develop a solidarity action within the framework of the school directed towards disadvantaged young South-African.

The goal is to link our establishment with the “Children of the dawn” association in order to lead a solidarity action. View the profile of the selected children.


Following the English and more recent French tradition of mountain culture, we decided to allow students to discover this extreme environment.
South Africa offers fantastic possibilities for this discovery, so much so that Unesco has inscribed its mountain range as a World Heritage Site. The mountain requires a modest and united approach to conquer it.

These values ​​are attached to those of the high school and we want to promote them. The goal of each of these expeditions will be to allow a mandatory mixed group to help each other to get there. Each participant will have a role in the organization, planning, logistics and security of the group. This solidarity will be broadened by the association with a group of South African young people from the Children of the Dawn Association.

The preparation phase has 2 outputs:
– Cathedral Peak in May (ascent to 3000 m)
– Mont aux sources in September

The Objectif 5000 is to climb Mount Kenya, which will take place at the end of January 2019 in partnership with Denis Diderot High School in Nairobi who is already experienced.

This is for students who:
– this year are in 3ème (grade 9),
– are in 2nd or 1st classes (grade 10 or 11) and who made the exit Mafadi.
– are in 2nd or 1st classes (grade 10 or 11) who arrived in September 2017.

There will be no cost for the 2 outings of preparation, it is a project carried by the establishment and supported by the governing board. The school will take care of the South African outings. The trip to Kenya will be the responsibility of the families.

The high mountains, is a milieu of the extreme, where the solidarity through the roped strongly tests this social bond.

How can you help us?

Are you a company?
You can benefit from tax advantages, points BEEE …, for that your donations must go directly to the association Children of the Dawn (contact : magali@childrenofthedawn.org.za ).

Are you a private person?
You can choose the child item (s) from the Children of the Dawn association you want to sponsor.

For any information do not hesitate to contact:

François Blériot:  fbleriot@lyceejulesverne-jhb.net 
Emmanuel Selles: eselles@lyceejulesverne-jhb.net