Surprise concert for Valentine’s Day
February 15, 2018
Volley ball – Goliath Cup
February 22, 2018

Midmar 2018

Despite a hot sun, a light breeze disturbed the calm of Midmar Dam. While it is not obvious to be 900 m from the nearest edge, without seeing under his feet with waves that arrive in your face (yes even on a lake …) everyone was able to cross the finish line on time and be among those who did it.
The representation of the school is distributed as follows: 20% primary school student, 40% college and 40% high school students.
Congratulations to all for having the audacity to try this challenge.
Regarding the time, the conditions did not allow anyone to be under the 30 minutes.
After two events, let’s note the performance of a primary student: Alexandre Nunes-Churin, best time in running and swimming of the Lycée. High school students just have to stand.
It is now the last race, the mountain bike race, on March 25th.
Thirty students are still in the running to win the trophy.



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